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Welcome to Foundation Stage 2019 - 2020

 Mrs Clay, Mrs Hill, Mrs Gibson, Mrs Brown and Mrs Lewis want to welcome you to our web page. Here we will be posting  notices, photos and dates as well as giving you an insight into all the fun things we get up to in Foundation Stage!

A massive thank you to all of you for your continued support during this unprecedented time.  We have loved receiving your emails, pictures and tweets showing us all of the busy learning you are doing at home. We hope you are all safe and well and we look forward to welcoming you back to school as soon as possible! 

We have a new email address...

If you have any questions, queries, or simply want to keep in touch then please email us on our new email address


Home Learning 

Dear Parents, 
We want to thank you once again for all of your support and kind emails during these past months of home learning. We are very lucky to have such wonderful parents. We are extremely proud of all of the children and everything that they have achieved during this time. 
Enjoy the summer holidays, have a well deserved rest and we will see you all soon!
Take care and stay safe, 
Mrs Clay, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Hill 


Foundation Stage Home Learning: Sun, Sea and Sand Week 5 (WB 06.07.2020) 

Resources for Sun, Sea and Sand Week 5

 Hundred Square.pdfDownload
 Mastery pirate pete partioning.pdfDownload
 Number Bonds to 10 Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 Number bonds to 10 stories.docDownload
 Number Bonds to 10 word problems .pdfDownload
 Pirate themed Maths activity book.pdfDownload
 Star word Reading assessment .pdfDownload
 Star word Spelling assessment.pdfDownload
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Foundation Stage Home Learning: Sun, Sea and Sand Week 4 (WB 29.06.2020)

Resources for Sun, Sea and Sand Week 4

 Clock face template.pdfDownload
 clock times matching.pdfDownload
 Set 2 phonics words part 2.pdfDownload
 time o'clock cards.pdfDownload
 Turtle Facts.pptxDownload
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Foundation Stage Home Learning: Sun, Sea and Sand Week 3 (WB 22.06.2020)

Resources for Sun, Sea and Sand Week 3

 Phonics Resources Set 2 (part 1).pdfDownload
 Under the Sea Colouring sheets.pdfDownload
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Rainbow Games 

 Pupil instructions Rainbow Games.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Games Score card.docxDownload
 The Rainbow Games activities.pdfDownload
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Foundation Stage Home Learning: Sun, Sea and Sand Week 2 (WB 15.06.2020)

Resources for Sun, Sea and Sand Week 2

 Coastal map of the UK.pdfDownload
 Doubling dominoes sheet.pdfDownload
 Minibeast hunt.docDownload
 postcard home learning.pdfDownload
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Foundation Stage Home Learning: Sun, Sea and Sand Week 1 (WB 08.06.2020) 

Resources for Sun, Sea and Sand Week 1

Foundation Stage Home Learning: Fairytales Week 4 (WB 01.06.2020) 

Resources for Week 4

Foundation Stage Home Learning: Fairytales Week 3 (WB 18.05.2020)

Resources for Week 3

Foundation Stage Home Learning: Fairytales Week 2 (WB 11.05.2020)

Resources for Week 2

Foundation Stage Home Learning: Fairytales Week 1 (WB 04.05.2020)

As a school the time is now right for us to move towards a more structured home learning approach. Each week we will send home planning for your child via Parent Pay. It will also be uploaded in this part of the website. Please read the detailed letter before looking at the planning. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us. 

Happy learning! 

Home learning Packs 

We hope you have been enjoying your new home learning packs. If, for whatever reason, you do not have your child's home learning pack then please get in touch. Over the next week we will be sending more work home for you linked to our new topic 'Will you read me a story?'. 

See key information below.

 my home learning book information website.pdfDownload
 Top tips for writing a sentence 2020 website.pdfDownload
 Will you read me a story home learning bingo website.pdfDownload
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Will you read me a story? 

This half term, prepare to go on an adventure into the world of fairytales. Dive deep into this make believe world and let’s go on a magical journey together! 

We can't wait to let you know what we have planned. 


Hamjambo! Our Africa topic has come to an end and we have learnt all about Amazing Africa! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the way of life in Africa and the wonderful animals that live there. Highlights of the topic include…


We loved our Explorer Day. The children loved coming to school dressed up as explorers and we went on different adventures around school to spot African animals, which was very exciting! We loved visiting our African area in school called 'A Place to be.' We learnt African facts, made African jewellery and painted African animals. We read the story Handa's Surprise and enjoyed tasting lots of different fruits. Yum!  The children also loved playing African drums and they created simple rhythms too! 


 Sadly we learnt that some African animals are endangered and we decided to make a difference by finding a way to help them ourselves. We learnt about the endangered African animals: gorilla, elephant, lion or rhino. Each class then voted on which animal to adopt. FSGC voted to adopt a lion and FSGH voted to adopt an elephant! We hope to do this as soon as school opens. Together we can really make a difference! 

We loved dressing up for our African celebration day. The children looked fantastic in their animal costumes and we would like to thank all of our parents for their continued support. 

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Golden Tickets!

During your child’s first half term at school we will teach the children our Sherrier Golden Rules as well as creating classroom rules. These Golden Rules are carried throughout the whole school. We encourage children to think about their behaviour and to make the right choices in school.

To encourage this we have created our ‘Wonka’s Golden Ticket’ chart. Your child will move up the chart one step at a time, each time a piece of positive behaviour is witnessed. When your child reaches the top (all the way up to number 10) they will be rewarded with a Golden Ticket! This means that they can bring in one toy to play with in school on a Friday afternoon. The date your child can bring in a toy to play with will be recorded on the ticket.

Please make sure that your child only brings one toy into school and that it can fit easily into their My Space. Unfortunately children are not allowed to bring in expensive or electronic toys.

If your child breaks one of our school rules they will ‘crash’ off the race and as a consequence they will be given a 5 minute time out. We ensure that children SAY sorry and SHOW sorry. All children will return to their position on the race after a piece of positive behaviour has been witnessed.

The children will also be actively taught our ‘keys to success’ (organisation, confidence, persistence, resilience and getting along) which are skills that will allow children to flourish as lifelong learners!

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