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Please feel free to send over to us any questions or work done by the children to the following emails:


Links for week commencing 17/05/2020:

Monday: - Page 95 for drawings


Tuesday: Purple mash activity after


Wednesday: Bugs information


Friday: Science activity


During this time of home schooling, there will be a task set each day on purple mash. This will vary from day to day on the type of task involved. 

Please also use the tasks on the boredom bingo sheet that are involved in the work packs to, as we understand that working behind a computer all of the time isn't always the best choice. There are also many other tasks your children can choose to complete, as follows: 

Writing: Activities and picture prompts are being provided on our Year 5 Twitter page SherrierY5. Once pupils have chosen a prompt that interests them, they can complete this work in the book provided. Please note, a piece of writing may take more than one day, particularly if writing at length. Activities are also being set online via Purple Mash. Check out pobble365 as this has some fantastic ideas. Feel free to email them over to us or send them to our twitter!

Maths: The Maths learning is now being done through White Rose maths. Year 5 WRM Follow the link and make sure you find the correct week and lesson name (refer to the weekly timetable)Timestable work can be found through TTRockStars. There are many different games and task set for each individual times table. You can challenge others from this as well. Please look on the Year 5 blog on Purple mash for others names on their to challenge them. TT Rockstars can be found Here. You can also download times table work sheets from here which will help out!

Active Learning: Let's keep moving! Where it is safe to do so, exercise and make the most of the sunshine. Joe Wicks is helping us all stay healthy with a daily PE lesson @ 9:00 Am every morning. This can be streamed via his YouTube channel here.

Reading: Please ensure that your children are doing their best to continue their reading. Website for this are available and we highly recommend Oxford Owl E-Books found Here. There are a lot of free E-Books for the children of all ages. 


Our new topic for the summer term is called 'Beast Creator'. We learn a lot of exciting things about animals and creatures from all over the world. An exciting thing to learn is all about the lifecycle of a Butterfly. There is a lot of scientific vocabulary involved. Follow this link to learn more ----> Butterfly Lifecycle.  It would be great if the children could draw a lifecycle and label with all the vocab they have learnt. Please send in pictures of the work to the twitter feed or email!

Look on here for further tasks. We would love for them to do at least two different tasks a day (e.g. Purple mash and a writing task, or TTRocks and a task on our topic). And again, please send them over to us where possible, we love to see the children's work. 

This Weeks timetable (04/05/20):

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