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For our first day back, please remember the following...

  • Water Bottle
  • P.E. Kit
  • Inhalers (if required)
  • A T-shirt (a letter was sent out) to create our reusable bags
  • And a smile :).

This term in Year Five



Connected Curriculum: For our first topic, the children will be looking into the lives and tales of 'Pharaohs'. They will delve into Ancient Egypt and look at how they used to live and what the role of a Pharaoh was in Egypt at that time. ART will feature throughout this unit, so children will use different techniques to create sketches of masks and Nemes. 


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Maths Overview



  • Create a fact file about the River Nile and compare it to other famous world rivers. Include photographs and wow your classmates by showing them the
    range of amazing animals that live in and by the river.
    • Find out who or what ‘Ka’ was. Design a colourful symbol that might represent ‘Ka’ in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
    • Make a model pyramid from building blocks – how high can you go? Photograph your achievement and record the number of blocks you used.
    • Use the words ANCIENT EGYPT to create an acrostic poem.
    • Make flatbread and serve it to your family with authentic Egyptian dips or salads. Find out more about the food of ancient Egypt.
    • Visit a museum exhibition on ancient Egypt and write a recount of your trip. Bring back souvenirs to show your class.
    • Design 2-D or 3-D Egyptian-style jewellery.
    • Use hieroglyphics to write a message to a friend or family member. Can they crack your Egyptian code?
    • Make an illustrated scroll to show the journey to the afterlife.
    • Find out why animals were so important to the Egyptians. Create an information collage to show your findings, combining text and images.
    • Find out what happened to Egypt after the death of Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh.



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Text: Secrets of a Sun King



Latest News

Our PE days are...

If your child does not have appropriate kit in school then they will not be able to take part in P.E lessons.


Children should have an outdoor and indoor P.E kit. All t-shirts should be white, plimsoles should be worn for indoor P.E and trainers for outdoor. One type of shoe can not be used for both. 



As a year group we  will be working  as ambassadors for the Christian Value "Trust". Throughout the year we will be exploring the other values adopted by Sherrier pupils but we will be focusing on what it means to be a compassionate in class, on the playground and at home. If your child impresses you with how  trustworthy they are at home do share this with us.


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