Below are a range of additional activities your child can complete at home. We have provided exercise books to complete work in order to minimise the need for printing. On our main year group page you will see a number of activities and websites to use as part of your child’s home learning. We regularly share updates via Twitter and love hearing responses from you all.

We have been updating Purple Mash with new weekly updates and aim to mark work that is submitted. Although we are using an online resource to set work, we would also like to encourage you to do activities away from a computer screen such as reading or creative writing. Creative writing can take many forms and can be a simple description or it could include a newspaper article, diary, leaflet, story, recipe, instructions, information text.

If you see any resource or activity you want to complete with your child please do and please share it with us - we love to know what other things are out there.

We really hope you are all ok and getting through this tricky time. If you need any support that we may be able to offer as a school contact the office between 9am-3pm.  

W/B 06.07.20 Home Learning

 2D Shapes Odd One Out.pdfDownload
 3D Shapes.pdfDownload
 All About Me Transition Booklet.pdfDownload
 Animal Research Template.pdfDownload
 Australian Animals Information.pdfDownload
 Book Review Template.pdfDownload
 Drawing and Measuring Lines.pdfDownload
 Fact File Template.pdfDownload
 School Year Memory Page.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning 06.07.20.docxDownload
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W/B 29.06.20 Home Learning

 Australian Animals Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Football Handling Data Answers.pdfDownload
 Football Handling Data Booklet.pdfDownload
 Mindfulness I Am Amazing 29.06.20.docxDownload
 owl art.docxDownload
 Parts of Australian Animals.pdfDownload
 predator animal art.docxDownload
 Ray Challenge 02.07.20.docxDownload
 Statistics Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 29.06.2020.docxDownload
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W/B 22.06.20 Home Learning

 25.06.20 Challenge Ray Questions.docxDownload
 Escape the X-Ray Room Clue Cards.pdfDownload
 Escape the X-Ray Room Recording Sheet.pdfDownload
 Fraction Word Problems 26.06.20.docxDownload
 Pupil instructions Sports Day.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Games Letter Year 3.docxDownload
 The Rainbow Games games.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 22.06.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning 22.06.20.docxDownload
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W/B 15.06.2020 Home Learning

 Colouring Mr Bones.pdfDownload
 Human Organ Matching and Labelling.pdfDownload
 Human Skeleton Labelling.pdfDownload
 Labelling Australia Map.pdfDownload
 Mindfulness Happiness Activity 15.06.20.docxDownload
 Rucksack Poem Template.docxDownload
 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 15.06.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning 15.06.20.docxDownload
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W/B 08.06.2020 Home Learning

 Aboriginal art pictures 12.06.20.docDownload
 Climate Activity 08.06.20.pdfDownload
 Food Chains Activity Sheet 10.06.20.docDownload
 Y3 Activity Booklet - ANSWERS(l).pdfDownload
 Y3 Headstart Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 08.06.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning 08.06.20.docxDownload
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W/B 01.06.2020 Home Learning

 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 01.06.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning WB 01.06.2020.docxDownload
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W/B 18.05.2020 Home Learning

 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 18.05.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning WB 18.05.2020.docxDownload
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W/B 11.05.2020 Home Learning

 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 11.05.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning WB 11.05.2020.docxDownload
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W/B 04.05.2020 Home Learning

 Year 3 Guided Reading WB 04.05.2020.docxDownload
 Year 3 Home Learning WB 04.05.2020.docxDownload
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Summer Term Activities

 Home Learning Bingo April 2020 1.docxDownload
 Out of Character Writing Activity.pdfDownload
 Out of Character Writing Image 1.pdfDownload
 Out of Charcater Writing Response.pdfDownload
 Real Life Maths 2.pdfDownload
 Real Life Maths 3.pdfDownload
 Real Life Maths 4.pdfDownload
 Real Life Maths.pdfDownload
 Setting Picture Prompt.pdfDownload
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Additional Home Learning Resources

 Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game Editable.docDownload
 Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants Editable.docDownload
 Activity Sheet The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants.pdfDownload
 Fiction Reading Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Nutrition Diary Crafting Instructions.pdfDownload
 Nutrition Diary Editable.docxDownload
 Nutrition Diary Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
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