KS1 SATs - Children in Year 2

Summer Term Update:  KS1 SATs can be taken any time during May.  Most of the tests will be carried out in the week beginning 20th May but some will be carried out before. This will ensure they are all completed before the holiday.  If your child has an appointment during that week, please let us know as early as possible so we can make arrangements for them to sit the test another time.


Please help us by teaching your child to tell the time.



Each year, your child's teacher is responsible for making a judgement about the standard your child is working. At Sherrier, children sit tests in Year 1 - 6 throughout the year to help with this teacher assessment.  The difference with the tests in Year 2  are that they are national tests. 



It explains all about KS1 SATs, gives example questions and ideas for home.


Information for parents (from the Standards and Testing Agency): Information leaflet and video (2018)

Information for parents from Michael Tidd (Headteacher and Blogger): 6 minute video


Throughout the year, teachers use the Teacher Assessment Framework to make their judgement.  This lays out the requirements for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.  You can access them below...

Teacher Assessment Framework 2018/19