Welcome to Year 2

Here you will be able to stay up to date with all the latest news and information from Year Two. Keep checking back to see their amazing work and achievements throughout the school year!

Miss Farnsworth, Miss White, Mrs Tucker and Mrs Brown would like to welcome our new classes 2AF and 2NW to the year group. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and we hope the children are too!

Our school is in the middle of a transformation and our school office will be at the front of the building when we come back in August. 

2AF will now enter and leave the building where the current office is and 2NW will leave through the exit near the mobile.

When on the school site, please use the paths round the car park rather than walking through it.  

  • Events for Year 2 can be found on the Year 2 calendar -->
  • Events that form part of the Newsletter can be found here: School Diary



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Please follow our Twitter page to see more updates about our current learning and other important information.   Thank you for using #sherrierstoryselfie and #rayontour. These show your book recommendations and the mathematical adventures of Ray!

If you'd like book suggestions, you could use www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/bookfinder to help you choose books to read at home.   


How to help at home...

During the year, you could help at home by…

Finding out about the topics 

Read a range of books with your child

Discuss unfamiliar vocabulary with your child

Read and spell the common exception words 

Learn the addition and subtraction facts 

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 Land Ahoy!

Get your sea legs on; it’s time to sail to the salty seas. Navigate, investigate and explore the world- just like Captain James Cook. Year 2 will embark on activities such as making boats, sinking ships, discovering the continents and designing a map. They may even learn a sea shanty or two!

Our topic will cover a variety of objectives including:

  • Name and locate the capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas.
  • Locate the Equator and the North and South Poles.
  • Draw simple maps or plans using symbols for a key.

If there are any local events related to our topic, we would love to know. 

Similarly, if you are an expert about any part of our topic, please contact us.  

Reading Focus this term

Our reading focus this term will be retrieving from a text and understanding words in context. We will be introducing our new book 'Captain Cook' which tells the story of Captain Cooks adventures around the world. We will track his journey from the text on our own maps. 

Writing Focus this term

Year 2 will be creating a Journey story this term looking at how they can use conjunctions to link two phrases together. They will also be focusing on using the correct tense (past or present) within their writing and to carry on developing their handwriting skills they have learnt in Year 1. During the second part of the term Year 2 will be creating an instruction text to help find buried treasure. During this they will be focusing on how to use time conjunctions and adverbs to make their writing interesting.


Maths Focus this term 


During Autumn 1.2 Year 2 will be focusing on Addition and Subtraction. They will be learning different written methods such as the column method to support their calculations. Towards the middle of the half term we will be looking at the values of different coins. 

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Addition and Subtraction 2

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Latest Year 2 Events

There are currently no events.

Calendars page(s): Year 2 >>

Last update: 2019-10-24

Book bag
P.E kit (please leave in school)
Water bottle
Homework folder - this only needs to come in on Tuesday and goes home on Wednesday
Children in Year Two are eligible for free school meals and are provided with a healthy snack for break times.

*At the start and end of the day if you wish to speak to us in person. We can always arrange a longer meeting if required.
*Written messages can also be sent in to school with your child as long as they remember to give them to us!
*Email via myteacher2@sherrier.leics.sch.uk

Children in Year Two are responsible for choosing and changing their own books under the supervision of an adult. In order to do this they must put their book bag in the correct box in the classroom. Please ensure that you fill out the reading record so we know they can change their book.

Miss Farnsworth teaches every day
Miss Jackson teaches Monday and Tuesday
On a Wednesday, it will either be Miss Jackson or Miss Coull
Miss Coull teaches on Thursday and Friday

Mrs Tucker, Mrs L Green, Mrs Bobat and Mr Sanders all support in Year 2


P.E. Kit 

Year 2 will have PE on Monday and Thursday afternoons. 

They will need the following kit:

  • Black shorts 
  • White t-shirt
  • Plimsolls

There will be indoor and outdoor PE so please make sure your child has appropriate kit for both. When the weather gets colder, this should include trousers and a long-sleeved top like a sweatshirt.  

For PE lessons, hair must be tied back and earrings removed. Alternatively, you could send your child with micropore tape to cover their earrings.  

Our Homework

These folders contain X-Factor sheets for your child to fill in at home. Once your child reaches the end of the new rounds, they will go back to the times tables round they were on last year. Once you have completed the X Factor example please mark it with your children. They will then receive a merit in school when they hand it in. If you have any questions then please ask. We hope that learning new facts and earning more certificates will really help them all.

Year 2 will continue to have vocabulary homework in the form of fridge words. We ask that the children discuss the meanings of these words and how they link to our topic. 

Homework this week:

  • Reading at least three times a week (filling in the Kluwell reading booklet)
  • Complete the X-Factor example sheet
  • Fridge Words- to discuss at home. 


Our Christian Value in Year 2!

This year, Year Two will be working  as ambassadors for the Christian Value "Courage". Throughout the year we will be exploring the other values adopted by Sherrier pupils but we will be focusing on what it means to be a courageous in class, on the playground and at home. If your child impresses you with how courageous they've been at home do share this with us by making a note in their Boomerang book so that we can celebrate it in class.
In class we will be talking about the value of courage...
   Courage to own up when you are in the wrong
   Courage to say 'no' when everyone else is pressing you to do something you do not want to do
   Courage to stick at a task even when it is taking time and is beginning to become boring or difficult
   Courage to be first to volunteer or stand up and be counted
   Courage to admit you don't know or understand something
   Courage to stand by your beliefs despite mockery or being in a minority
   Courage to take part in something, to give it a go, although you are fearful and unsure of yourself

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh (by A.A. Milne)
Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.C.S. Lewis