At Sherrier, we strive for our children to be successful and proficient mathematicians. Maths is a life skill – we use it all the time for example when we are baking, when shopping, whilst driving and when solving problems. We use maths when we are drawing, when building, whilst waiting for the bus and when going on holiday. We even use maths when we don’t even realise it. 

To be successful in Maths, we recognise that pupils need to develop their conceptual understanding. In other words, pupils don’t only need to be able to recall facts quickly, they also need to be able to apply their knowledge in a range of different contexts, including those that are new and unfamiliar. 

In order to develop conceptual understanding in our pupils, this year we are implementing the CPA approach to learning (concrete, pictorial and abstract). This approach recognises that in order for pupils to understand abstract concepts, they must first learn mathematical concepts through the use of concrete resources and pictorial representation.

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Concrete is the ‘doing’ stage, using concrete objects to solve problems. It brings concepts to life by allowing children to handle physical objects themselves. Pictorial is the ‘seeing’ stage, using representations of the objects involved in maths problems. This stage encourages children to make a mental connection between the physical object and abstract levels of understanding, by drawing or looking at pictures, circles, diagrams or models which represent the objects in the problem. Abstract is the ‘symbolic’ stage, where children are able to use abstract symbols to model and solve maths problems.

The Sherrier X Factor Challenge

Each week, the children at Sherrier take part in the 'X Factor Challenge' to encourage them to improve their knowledge of basic number facts, times tables and division facts.

Once children have achieved 90% in a challenge they will receive a certificate in Celebration Assembly. Children then need to earn three certificates within each round to progress to the next stage. Once they have their final certificate for each round, they earn a star for their class to place on the leaderboard. 

How can you help?

Encourage and support your child in learning their times tables and division tables with speed. We will be sending home your child's X Factor sheet each week alongside a blank example to complete as homework so that you can see how your child is progressing. If your child returns a completed example sheet for homework, they will earn a merit for their chart. 


To see how the rounds progress, just see the table below:


Types of Questions


Questions in 5 minutes

Questions correct to gain certificate

First Rehearsal

(Year 1)

adding 1 and 2

3 + 2 = ?

7 + 1 = ?



Second Rehearsal

(Year 1)

doubles of numbers to 5

subtracting 1 and 2

4 + 4 = ?

5 – 1 = ?



First Auditions

(Year 1)

Addition and Subtraction to 10


4 + ? = 10

10 - ? = 5



Second Auditions

(Year 1)

Adding 10 to a number and adding 0 to a number

 ? = 8 + 10

7 + 0 = ?



Third Auditions

(Year 1)

doubles of numbers to 10

near doubles

7 + 7 = ?

9 + 8 = ?



Fourth Auditions

(Year 1)

consolidation of previous rounds

10 – 5 = ?

 ? = 2 + 8



Fifth Auditions

(Year 1)

consolidation of previous rounds

5 + 10 = ?

7 – 4 = ?



First Bootcamp

(Year 2)

x2, 5, 10

4 x 5 = ?

2 x 8 = ?



Second Bootcamp

(Year 3)

x3, 4, 8 including division from 2, 5, 10

4 x 5 = ?

15 ÷ 5 = ?



Judges’ Houses

(Year 4)

All x/÷ up to 12x12

8 x 7 = ?

30 ÷ ? = 6



Live Shows

(Year 4)

All x/÷ up to 12x12

8 x 7 = ?

30 ÷ ? = 6



Live Tour

(Year 5)

Multiples of 10, 100 for all x/÷ up to 12x12

80 x 7 = ?

3000 ÷ ? = 6



Record Deal

(Year 6)

Decimals for all x/÷ up to 12x12

0.8 x 7 = ?

0.3 ÷ ? = 0.06



Album Deal


Fractions and Percentages

¾ of 56 = ?

80% of 180 = ?



New to 2018 - Power Maths!

Power Maths is our new, exciting scheme which is used in Years One to Six. It is a whole class approach which aims to make learning fun and create connections between concepts, allowing children to explore their learning and master new ideas with a deep understanding. 

Each child has their own practice book which they will use during lessons. You will also find an outline of each unit on the year group web pages. 

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Meet some of our Power Maths characters!

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These characters help us to understand new methods and can be found in every year group's text books. Each character has a specific skill or personality that can help us when learning maths.

The children have been working hard to learn their names and use their ideas to support their reasoning in class. 


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Foundation Stage and Key Stage One - Ten Town and Numicon

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In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children are taught number formation using rhymes from the program 'Ten Town'. We have a special discount code for parents if they wish to purchase a log in for home. Please ask your class teacher for more information. 

You may also see that children are learning more about number using a resource called Numicon. This supports our learning in Power Maths and is used as another visual to aid understanding. 

Foundation Stage parents can learn more about how number is taught during Magic Maths sessions later in the school year. 

Make Maths Make Sense - Helping your child at home

You can now download the Make Maths Make Sense Calculation Policy which details how each year group use written methods. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like help with.  

Click the below links for fantastic Maths websites and resources.

Woodlands-Kent Maths


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Do you have a question or query about Maths at Sherrier? Need help with any calculation methods? 


Email Miss Wallace, our Maths Leader who will respond to answer or assist in any way she can. Just email, 






In September 2014, a new National Curriculum was implemented which our school follows. Click the download for more information about what the key objectives are for each year group with regards to Maths.