Collective Worship At Home

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Curriculum at Sherrier including RE

Corner stones logo

At Sherrier CE Primary we follow the Cornerstones creative curriculum for our topics and foundation subjects.

The Cornerstones Curriculum is built on a robust framework and a proven learning philosophy. Each topic unit is called an Imaginative Learning Project (ILP) and every ILP follows the same basic structure.

Take a look here for more information about the Cornerstones Curriculum

The ILPs are split into four distinct phases called ‘The Cornerstones of Learning’:

 4 strands of cornerstones


Each unit starts with a memorable first-hand experience. Pupils begin observing, researching and setting questions. During this phase, the children have lots of opportunities to fully engage with the new topic.


A large part of the ILP is focussed on improving knowledge and understanding. Children develop and practise new skills. They explore the topic by making and doing.


During this week-long section of the unit, the children are involved in activities that encourage them to apply skills and knowledge in real-life contexts. They solve real or imagined problems through learning and gain inspiration from a range of creative activities.


In the final part of each ILP, the children become performers, experts and informers! They link their learning back to the starting point and provide opportunities to share and celebrate their achievements with parents and carers. 

Take a look at our Curriculum Long Term Plans:

Foundation Stage Overview

Year 1 Overview

Year 2 Overview

Year 3 Overview

Year 4 Overview

Year 5 Overview

Year 6 Overview

Throughout the year, teachers may adapt these plans. The most up-to-date information for each topic can be found on the year group pages. 

You will find the Philosophy, PE, Maths and English overviews on the subject specific pages.




RE at Sherrier

 At the heart of our school are a set of core Christian Values. These underpin our whole ethos, curriculum and school life and aim to ensure our pupils leave Sherrier C of E Primary as happy, secure, caring and responsible citizens. The values we promote are important within the school community and are values which will be important throughout life. In all that we do we strive to share, encourage and demonstrate positive values with our children; in order that they understand them and strive to live by them.

Our Christian Values are:


See our Year group pages to learn more about our Christian Values and some of the work we are doing on them!

Our school is a Church of England school in the Diocese of Leicester. You can find out more about the Diocese of Leicester through their website by clicking here. Or if you would like to find out about their specific work with schools click here.

We have strong links with the Diocese and with the churches in our catchment, particularly St.Mary's Church in Lutterworth: 

The incumbent of the Parish of Lutterworth is the Rev’d Charlie Styles or otherwise known to the children as Rev. Charlie! The Rev’d Charlie is a  valuable member of our school’s governing body. He regularly visits the school to deliver collective worship and also to take part in the children’s learning here at Sherrier.

As part of our Collective Worship the staff and children learn, respond and reflect through a simple structure represented by 'candles', 'mirrors', 'a door' and 'a window'. See below how our Collective Worship uses this model: 


As a church school we wanted to learn how and why Christians pray. We spent a whole week unpacking the Lord's Prayer. Each year group explored an aspect of the Lord's Prayer and considered what it meant to them. As a school we decided that we wanted to develop a structure to our prayers, just like the Lord's Prayer has a structure, so we focused on things we are thankful for, things we are sorry for then spend time asking God for help. From this we chose the school prayer to be a teaspoon prayer (TSP) - thank you, sorry, please! During our individual and collective times of worship we follow the structure of praying with a Thank You, Sorry, Please prayer. 


At Sherrier we value all faiths and want our children to understand and be aware of different cultures and beliefs. As part of this we teach our children to know the World's Key Religious symbols and the important part they play in people's lives and their communities. 



 If you would like to know and understand more information about the different world religions please click here!

At Sherrier we follow the Leicestershire  Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Click here to see our Long Term Plan.