Sherrier C.E Primary School Vision, Ethos and Values

Welcome to Sherrier C.E Primary School. We are a developing school, which seeks to improve and progress. We are very proud of our school, which has served and continues to serve the local community. For those parents that are new to the school, may we extend a warm welcome and hope your children will be happy and successful with us. By working in partnership with you we seek to enhance individual progress and achievement and educate our children for their future life-roles.

Headteacher: Miss Beckett

Chair of Governors: Mr Nick Ashman

Key Information

At the start of the year, this information booklet was handed out to all families. It should answer most the questions you have about life at Sherrier. For example...

What are the Golden Rules?                      What should my child wear for PE?           

How much is a school dinner?                   What if I book a holiday in term time?

How can I order milk for my child?            What if my child is absent from school?

What are the school times?                      Can I use the car park?

What if my child needs medicine?             Who do I contact if I'm concerned about my child?

What homework should my child do?        When are the summer holidays?

Vision Statement


As a church school we believe that our children should have the opportunity to learn in a Christian environment. We promote the importance of lifelong learning and value the spiritual, moral, physical, cultural and social development of each child in an ever changing world.


  • Assist the children to become efficient and independent learners
  • Help each child to maximise progress to their own individual abilities
  • Inspire and stimulate the children in order to foster a love of learning and inquiry
  • Foster spiritual, cultural, moral and social awareness within a Christian ethos
  • Develop each child's strengths and provide support for their weaknesses
  • Encourage positive learning behaviours of persistence, organisation, getting along, confidence and resilience.


We, both as individual staff and as a whole school will do our best to:

  • Provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment which reflects Christian Values;
  • Provide a curriculum which challenges and meets the needs of every child to reach their potential and fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum;
  • Value each child as an individual and encourage your child to show friendship and respect for others by abiding by the school Behaviour Policy;
  • Keep you informed about your child’s progress and behaviour, as well as their termly curriculum;
  • Set regular and appropriate homework and provide helpful information and training sessions to help support your child at home;
  • Celebrate your child’s academic and personal achievements;
  • Make you feel welcome whenever you visit the school and respond to your questions or concerns as quickly as possible
  • Communicate with you in a positive and respectful manner.
  • Allow children safe and secure use of the Internet through a combination of site filtering, supervision and fostering a responsible attitude towards e safety in all pupils, in partnership with parents.

Equal Opportunities

Sherrier's teaching is based on Christian principles and recognises the virtues of other cultures. No policy will be followed which could be regarded as racist or discriminatory.

Sherrier is opposed to all forms of unfair discrimination and harassment of any kind (including racial abuse)