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This week in Year Five (30/01/17)

Maths - Children are exploring the world of statistics. Linked with our Alchemy Island topic, children have been provided with graphs and tables. Children will need to use the information to interpret the information in the graphs and create line graphs of their own.

English- Based on a short version of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, children have been learning to retell the story using symbols and actions. This week, children will use the story map to create a story plan of their own in order to begin drafting their own story later in the week.


Diary Dates

Thursday 26th January

Year Five to the Leisure Centre

The Year Five children are already getting ready to be in Year Six by taking on whole school responsibilities, they have already shown us how trustworthy they are. As a year group we  will be working  as ambassadors for the Christian Value "Trust". Throughout the year we will be exploring the other values adopted by Sherrier pupils but we will be focusing on what it means to be a compassionate in class, on the playground and at home. If your child impresses you with how they trustworthy they are at home do share this with us by making a note in their Boomerang book so that we can celebrate it in class.
In class the children have been introduced to the idea of trust:
    as they take responsibility for a job in the classroom
   as they follow instructions carefully in order to get something done well
   when they keep their promises to one another
   when they play their part well in an activity together with a others
Ask your child to think about these questions, 
Who do I rely on? 
Who relies on me? 
How reliable am I?
Can I keep a secret? 
Can I keep a promise?
Can I follow instructions? 
Can I be on time? 
Am I someone on whom others can lean for support?

Latest News

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Our PE days are MONDAY and THURSDAY. Please ensure you have you  PE kit in school.

Please ensure PE kit is in school every day as PE days are subject to change. We will phone home asking for PE kits to be brought into school if a child does not have it for a PE lesson.



Text: Test

Focus: Applying skills

WB:  23/01/17

This week children will demonstrate their skills in retrieving, interpreting and explaining choice through a series of questions. In groups, we will then explore how these questions should be answered to demonstrate comprehension at the necessary level.


Homework books need to be handed in every MONDAY and will be returned to children on TUESDAY. 

This week's homework:

We have now sent the homework bingo home and set an activity on MyMaths


This term in Year Five


English: This half term, children will learn what makes a narrative a fantasy narrative. Exploring the worlds of Harry Potter, Narnia and many more, children will equip themselves with the skills to write their very own Fantasy Narrative.  

Maths: In Maths, year Five will develop their skills and understanding about Multiplication and Division. Children will need to be able to give reasons for their working our and explain where calculations have been answered incorrectly, conjecturing rules and convincing themselves and others of their understanding. Children will work to develop their skills and understanding of Fractions.

Practicing times tables and division tables will help with the mental calculations required to be successful in maths. Keep practicing in order to move through the Sherrier X Factor!

Connected Curriculum: Children will meet the Chief Alchemist's Apprentice of Alchemy Island and begin their journey from the Ancient Citadel. Learning about  gold, gems and the ancient art of Alchemy, children will be tasked with missions and will need to prove their worth to the Alchemists. Children will enjoy learning skills in Music, Science and Geography during this exciting topic.

Do you have a link or skills linked to this topic? We would love to hear from you - contact myteacher5@sherrier.leics.sch.uk  

Children in Year Five will have PE on a Monday and Thursday each week. Please ensure that children have indoor kit (white t-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls) and outdoor kit (joggers, jumper and trainers).

Mr Cooper and Ms Jackson are out of class on a Thursday of every second week in order to have time for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA). This is time that each teacher is entitled to, as set by the Government. At Sherrier, we allocate this time every second week.
During this time, Year Five are taught by Mrs Burton, Mrs Sunde and Mrs Green, learning Science, Physical Education and Computing.

Please communicate with the class teacher first to provide the opportunity for us to accept any compliments, answer any queries or investigate any concerns. If this is not completed to your satisfaction, please then speak to the Phase Leader. For Upper Key Stage Two, this is Mr Cooper.
You can email Year Five at myteacher5@sherrier.leics.sch.uk. We also use Twitter @sherrierY5.

Y5 Tweets

Last Half Term in Year Five

During the first half term in Year Five, children have worked tremendously hard to settle in to our mobile classrooms. Whilst settling in, the children have worked hard to work together as a team, focusing on our Key to Success of 'Getting Along'.

Throughout our English, children have been learning how to use figurative language to write effective character descriptions. Including features, such as metaphors, similes. and alliteration, children have written to builds an image in the readers mind using detailed description that does not tell you what you are reading about but allows you to piece together the description. 

As part of our STARGAZERS topics, children have become explorers for NASA learning all about the Solar System, our celestial neighbours and our exciting exploration of space. They have become journalists reporting on the historic moon landings of July 1969 and have explored the moon in detail. From a new moon to a full moon and back again, children are familiar with the different phases. Why not ask your child to tell you all about a Waxing Gibbous or a Waning Crescent. 

Children have learnt about the eight planets of the solar system, producing some fantastic art, using compasses to produce planets 1 billionth of the size of the actual planet, and representing their location within the Solar Sytem. 


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