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Diary Dates



The Year Five children are already getting ready to be in Year Six by taking on whole school responsibilities, they have already shown us how trustworthy they are. As a year group we  will be working  as ambassadors for the Christian Value "Trust". Throughout the year we will be exploring the other values adopted by Sherrier pupils but we will be focusing on what it means to be a compassionate in class, on the playground and at home. If your child impresses you with how  trustworthy they are at home do share this with us by making a note in their Boomerang book so that we can celebrate it in class.

Latest News

Our PE days are MONDAY and THURSDAY. Please ensure you have you  PE kit in school.

Please ensure PE kit is in school every day as PE days are subject to change. We will phone home asking for PE kits to be brought into school if a child does not have it for a PE lesson.



Text: Anne Franks diary

Focus: Infering 

WB:  30/10/17

This week children will demonstrate their skills when infering information from a text. We will focus on the above story as it links nicely to our topic, Time traveller


Homework books need to be handed in every Wednesday and will be returned to children on Thursday. 

Children will have a homework bingo for the half term, weekly spellings with an activity in their boomerang books and an X Factor example to practice at home.

We have now set an activity on MyMaths




This term in Year Five


Time Traveller

English: This half term, the children will learn all about biographies. They will begin to identify the key features of a biography and the similarities and differences between autobiographies and biographies. We will look into many different biographies, as well as looking back in time to Anne Frank's diary with links to our guided reading and our topic overview. 

Maths: In Maths, year Five will develop their skills and understanding about subtraction with large numbers, using the column method to exchange the numbers bridging ten. We will then delve into multiplication and division and developing the children's skills in this area. 

Connected Curriculum: Children will become experts in time travelling around the world to different periods in past times. This also gives them a chance to delve into the future and begin to think about how they would see a futuristic world. They will also have an opportunity to look back in time with a special visitor talking about similarities and differences between the past and modern day. The children will produce drama pieces throughout this topic as well as learning new scientific and geographical skills. 

Whilst looking into Anne Frank's diary, we are going to be briefly discussing many areas within World War 2. This includes things such as Hitler, changes now and then, concentration camps and rations during the war. This may be a sensitive topic that children may wish to discuss at home. If there are any concerns don't hesitate to ask the class teacher. 

Do you have a link or skills linked to this topic? We would love to hear from you - contact m.5@sherrier.leics.sch.uk


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