Physical Education and Sport at Sherrier

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Position Statement

The National Curriculum together with its clear progression and development of skills from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4 is fundamental to the progression of PE at Sherrier CE Primary. However, there are a number of progressions, thought processes and frameworks of analysis that also need to be considered. 

At Sherrier we believe that children should follow and learn a lower order movement skill safely, repeat and refine it, before moving on to develop and adapt it to a higher order skill or technique. Therefore, basic core movement skills must be learned and performed with confidence first, with progressions being made as and when appropriate. So in those tasks the focus will remain the same. Also, the acquisition, development, selection, application and evaluation of skills will always be at the heart of our physical education curriculum. 

Our Long Term Plan sets out to deliver these core movement skills progressively throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2 as we follow the ‘Val Sabin’ and ‘Bright PE’ schemes of work, purchased as part of the P.E. premium. 

Recognising the nature of progressive development and acknowledging that there are many different ways of presenting core skills we offer, with respect, a simple set of movement skill categories:- 

  1. Travel/Travelling with skills
  2. Jumping skills and flight
  3. Turning and rotating skills

Within each of these broad categories we can begin by identifying the simplest of skills and through variable applications of Time, Space, Weight and Flow reveal how they can be built upon, progressed and developed. This helps to encourage and enable pupils to become gradually more competent, confident and expert in their skills and techniques, so they will know, understand and be able to apply them in ever more complex activities and in evaluating their own and others’ work. 

Below, please download our Progressions in PE  document (PDF) and the Basic Skills required at each key stage that we teach according to the Programmes of Study in the 2014 PE Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2.

PE and Sport Premium Funding 2017

This year, school PE funding has been doubled from previous years. We will be documenting our spending throughout the year. Please read the documents on the link provided:



Please find out all about the exciting PE Curriculum that children at Sherrier receive during the duration of the academic year.

Sports Premium Funding 2015-2016


Whole School PE Curriculum 2014 - 2015

Please find details of the progression in PE here at Sherrier.


Progression in PE at Sherrier.

Please also find details of the essential skills that children are expected to have depending on their age and year group within Sherrier.



The document below details how we intend to spend our allocation of PE Funding during this academic year.


Sport Premium Funding 2014-15

Please download the document below, which outlines the Action Plan for P.E., Health and Wellbeing for 2016-2017.