Sherrier X Factor - Times Table Challenge

Each week, each class takes part in the five minute Sherrier X Factor challenge. Beginning with the Auditions round right through to the Album Deal, does your child have what it takes to complete the challenge. 

How can you help? Encourage and support your child in learning their times tables and division tables with speed. 

Each week, children will receive their certificates in our whole school celebration assembly. Children must earn 90% to receive a certificate and must receive three certificates within a round to progress to the next stage.

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Make Maths Make Sense - Helping your child at home

Thank you to all the parents who came the Maths sessions. We really hope it was helpful for you all. You can now download the Make Maths Make Sense Calculation Policy which details how each year group use written methods. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like help with.  

Click the below links for fantastic Maths websites and resources.


Woodlands-Kent Maths


In September 2014, a new National Curriculum was implemented which our school follows. Click the download for more information about what the key objectives are for each year group with regards to Maths.


Have a questions / query regarding Maths and Sherrier? Why not get in touch? Email Miss Coull, our Maths Leader who will respond to answer or assist in any way she can.