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Extra Curricular Clubs

At Sherrier, we aim to provide a rich and varied selection of extra-curricular activities.

If you would like your child to participate in any of these clubs, please complete the adjacent booking form. Once you have completed the form, a final permission slip will be sent home for you to confirm emergency contact details. This slip must be sent back before your child can attend a club.

If you have any further questions about extra-curricular clubs, please contact Mr Smith or via the office, telephone or email.


Behaviour at Clubs

At Sherrier we run a 'Three Strike rule' for behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour will lead in a child receiving a strike and if 3 strikes have been received over the course of 7 weeks then the child will be removed from the club and unable to return at a later date.

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Sherrier Clubs Autumn Term

At Sherrier we aim to run as many clubs as possible to ensure that children have a broad range of activities to participate in after school. Below is a table of activities that will be offered during the Autumn term. If your child would like to participate in any of the clubs below please use the online booking form (Open from the 17th of September), which will close on Monday 1st October (end of the school day). Once this form is received and if you are offered a place on a club, a letter and final permission slip will be sent home (on Wednesday 3rd October) stating any further information, including any special clothing needed. If you have any questions about a club, please speak to the club leader or Mr Smith.

All clubs will start week commencing: Monday 22nd October. Final permission slips MUST be signed and returned before a child can attend a club (before 12th October).