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Extra Curricular Clubs

At Sherrier, we aim to provide a rich and varied selection of extra-curricular activities.

If you would like your child to participate in any of these clubs, please complete the adjacent booking form. Once you have completed the form, a final permission slip will be sent home for you to confirm emergency contact details. This slip must be sent back before your child can attend a club.

If you have any further questions about extra-curricular clubs, please contact Mr Waterfield or via the office, telephone or email.


Behaviour at Clubs

At Sherrier we run a 'Three Strike rule' for behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour will lead in a child receiving a strike and if 3 strikes have been received over the course of 7 weeks then the child will be removed from the club and unable to return at a later date.

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Club sign up has now ended!

If you are offered a place with a club, a letter and final permission slip will be sent home (on Wednesday 4th October) stating any further information, including any special clothing needed. If you have any questions about a club, please speak to the club leader or Mr. Waterfield. All clubs will start week commencing: Monday 23rd October. Final permission slips MUST be signed and returned before a child can attend a club (before 13th October).