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Leicestershire County Council Information for Parents re: Admissions

How to apply for school places- The next review of this information will be September 2017

  1. First school place – Foundation Stage
    Applications should be received by mid-February of the year before your child starts school. (Suggest applications sent at age 3 years).
  2. School Transfer (to Secondary School)
    County Hall send Application forms home to parents on 1st September at their registered home address. (Please keep school records up to date).

Apply by mid October at the latest – late applications have lowest priority.

There are two ways of applying –

Online: this is the most direct way

  • For an online application form www.leics.gov.uk/admissions
  • You are advised to give your email address to receive an automatic acknowledgement.
  • It is also advisable to print off a copy of your application or at least note the reference number.
  • School will also require a completed blue registration form so that they are aware of your child’s details.

By Post

For transfer to Secondary School, you need to complete the form sent to you at the beginning of September and return it to the address on the form (do not hand into schools). County Hall do not send automatic acknowledgements so you are advised to:

  • Keep a copy
  • Get some proof of posting
  • Fill in the acknowledgement card (your address and stamp needed) so they can send it back to you.

Please Remember

Everyone must apply – there are no guaranteed places.

Applications that are late have the lowest priority.

Apply before the deadlines (mid February for 1st places - mid October for transfer to Secondary Schools).

Applications cannot be accepted by telephone or fax.

School Admission Enquiries: 0116 275 2097.