Meet The Staff ( this page is currently being updated)

Welcome to our Meet the Staff page. From this page you can see where each member of our team is working for the current academic year.
Staff Members 2016-2017
Head Teacher Miss Lyndsey Beckett
Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Kellie Roche

Bursar Ms Jackie Morley
Secretary Mrs Diana Young
Clerk Mrs Ronnie Dennis


Mrs Nicky Ashby


  Site Manager
Mr Robert Young
Foundation Teachers

Mrs Gemma Clay        (FSGW)

Mrs Debbie Gibson    (FSGH)



Mrs Louise Hill      (FSGH)


TAs Mrs Jeanette Brown
Mrs Clare Lewis
Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Michelle Hunter  (1HM)

Mrs Gill Moore      (1HM)


Miss Aimee Limbert  (1AL)
Year 2 Teachers

Miss Robyn Wallace   (2RW)


Miss Alex Thomas       (2AT)






Ms Carole Truman

Mrs Kim Westley


Mrs Charlotte Tomkins


Mrs Marilyn Tucker

Year 3 Teachers

Ms Jesseca Morris      (3JM)

Mr Andrew Mifflin   (3AM)


Mrs Paula Fleetwood 

Mrs Deborah Gould (Y3 and 4)

Year 4 Teachers

Miss Nicole White   (4NW)

 Mrs Amy Burgess     (4AB)


Mrs Jayne Sygrove

Year 5 Teachers

Mr Chris Cooper (5CC)

Ms Sara Jackson   (5SJ)

TAs Mrs Jenny Sunde

Year 6 Teachers

Miss Holly Coull       (6HC)


Mr Joe Waterfield (6JW)






Mrs Jill Green


Mr David Cooper








Mrs Rowan Brown 
Mrs Karen Lill

Breaktime Supervisors


Mrs Carol Batchelor

Mrs Michele Janssens